Chosen Skin is a Scandinavian womenswear brand originating from Odense, Denmark. Founded in 2018 by designer, Nanna Sloth, Chosen Skin focus on creating luxurious streetwear with a feminine touch.

The name Chosen Skin express the belief that every human being is born equal and in the same skin. The clothes you choose to accessorize your skin with is your way to stand out among the crowd and express who you are as an individual – your chosen skin. This is also why a big part of our concept is focusing on producing limited editions only. Chosen Skin´s designs is inspired by urban culture and aim to be unique and edgy in it’s expression.

The production takes places in Saigon, Vietnam at a small workshop, which we are in close contact with throughout the entire production. For us detail is key and each piece of clothes is cut and sewn by the same seamstress from beginning to end. We handpick every piece of fabric ourselves and before the start of every new collection, we visit the workshop to ensure top quality and that our vision is coming across in the clothes. Our visits to the workshop in Saigon is also spend with Corporate Social Responsibility as a key focus. Assuring the conditions of the workers is of great importance to us.